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about us

Ozark Virtual started in early 2002. Back then Ron Sprinkel along with his fleet manager Mark Plumley had a idea and wanted to start a classic virtual airline. Most airlines were already spoken for. So we searched high and low and finally landed Ozark. They talked and wondered why this awesome airline was never brought to the VA world? So they made it happen. Ron was the web and idea man, and Mark was the fleet manager.

They implemented an automated PIREP system and brought the routes online. Next came the original aircraft that the gone-but-not-forgotten airline used to operate coast to coast. The roster swelled quickly and Ozark Virtual qualified for VATSIM by the end of that year.

By late 2002, Ron had to step down from the position of CEO. And Mark Plumley took the reins. A short time later The PIREP system started to become unstable because of a PHP upgrade and Mark knew nothing about scripting. He learned a few tricks, and Ozark Virtual gained some knowledgeable staff that helped carry us along.

Well, a few scripts and a few years later. We are still strong and have a new CEO, Brian Wilber who has implemented the phpVMS suite of VA Management scripts. phpVMS is here to carry us far into the future as we evolve to bring our members the best virtual airline we can!

Ozark Virtual "We are always getting better!"

-Brian Wilber OVACEO