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convair cv-240 fs9

The Convair CV-240 that OVA flies is the California Classic's version by Greg Pepper and others. The EULA for this aircraft requires that the base files be downloaded remain intact on the Cal Classic website servers. Ozark Virtual Air Lines honors license agreements as written, even if it means a little extra work for its members. These authors dedicate a great deal of their time and effort so that we can enjoy our hobby, and in return they ask nothing. Ozark Virtual thanks them for their work and commitment for our benefit.

This being the case, the following instructions will get you the base files for this fine aircraft. Once it is installed, you can go here to download the Ozark textures. There are many extras included with the base files, so be sure and read through the documentation on how to implement what you wish to use.

The base files can be found at Click on the picture of the American Airlines CV-240 to download the file. It is a setup file, so it's easy to install. While you are there, take a look around. Cal Classic has some rockin' prop-liners in its stables. You're sure to find others you like.