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Information and links to better your flight sim experience.


Here at the Pilot resource center you will find information such as charts and flight planning information to better your flight experience.

Most real-world information is directly usable in simming, some is not due to the restraints of Flightsim. Use what you can and it will make your VA/FS experience "as real as it gets."

Finally, if you find something that you think would be helpful to your fellow virtual pilots, be sure and post a link to it in the "Suggestions" forum. We ALL stand to learn from one another.



Charts and Airport Info
Fort Worth
Kansas City
Los Angeles
New York
Salt Lake City
Washington DC

Aviation System Standards- We design and develop instrument flight procedures (IFP's), publish aeronautical charts and digital products for air carrier and general aviation pilots for use throughout the United States and around the world.

FSCHARTS.COM- Are you a flight simulator pilot? Have you ever been flying online, and had a controller direct you to an unexpected runway at the last minute? Have you ever found yourself scrambling to find ILS frequencies and runway headings? can help! VFR and IFR sectional charts. Good resource!

FS Build- is a great flight planning utility. Enter your Departure and Arrival destinations, select a few options and let it do the flight planning for you!

Online Flying
The VATSIM Pilot Resource Center

Everything you need to know to get started flying online using VATSIM. Free registration required and your email address must be current with VATSIM (the email you registered with for your VATSIM ID).

This is the most informative tool you will ever find for online flying on the VATSIM network!

The International Virtual Aviation Organization

IVAO is similar to VATSIM, providing professional virtual ATC geared more toward Europe, but in the US as well. As with VATSIM, registration with IVAO is the first step, then let the fun begin. To register, follow these links in the main IVAO menu to the registration page: Join IVAO --> Person. Then read and follow the instructions.

Flight Simulator Utilities

FSUIPC is an essential "Module" that bridges 3rd-party software with FS. This is freeware, however a $20 dollar registration fee is charged if you want the full-version.
Activesky wxRE means Weather Realism Engine. This new release based on ActiveSky 2002 is the next-generation weather environment engine for FS2002 & 2004! New features include smooth visual cloud transitions, Offline use, Dynamic Processing via TAFs, Wake Turbulence and much, much more!
FS Meteo is another automatic weather generation program for FS similar to ActiveSky.
FS Screen is a great little utility that will take and automatically save an unlimited number of screenshots for you while you fly. Just unzip it to your hard drive, then open it up while flying, press "Print Screen" as many times as you want and then after your flight open up the images using your favorite image editing program. Your CEO uses this for all the screenshots at the hanger areas as well as all screenshots he takes.

ACARS Programs

FSACARS is a widely used ACARS program. It receives flight data from our schedules database, and uses it to display information on the "live acars" map on this website. When your flight is finished, a PIREP can be filed with one click. This program also reports a wealth of information about your flight for later analysis.
XACARS is a program originally made for X-Plane, but now also features a version for MSFS. As with FSACARS, it receives flight data from our schedules database, and uses it to display information on the "live acars" map on the website. PIREPs can also be filed from the cockpit, and may also be saved to your PC for later filing. This program also works on a Linux or Mac platform, making it the most versatile ACARS program in our lineup. Its only drawback is the limited flight data that it outputs.
kACARS_Free is the newest of our available ACARS programs. It too, receives flight data from our schedules database, and uses it to display information on the "live acars" map on the website, PIREPs can also be filed from the cockpit. This program allows integration with multiple VA's with absolute ease, and outputs as much data as FSACARS and maybe more.