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In October of 1998 Ozark Airlines, Inc. announced its intentions to initiate scheduled air carrier service to a number of locations with its headquarters base of operations in Columbia, Missouri, at Columbia Regional Airport. Unfortunately this company did not last long and in March of 2001 was bought by the now defunct Great Plains Airline Holding Co out of Tulsa, OK. We will emulate them as if they were the airline we wish they had become.

Aircraft found here come with panels aliased to default aircraft. An outstanding set of panels can be downloaded from If you have not registered with them, go here and do so (it's free). Log into the library, and then click the link above. The download includes a panel for the jet and the turbo-prop versions, and they are both compatible with FS2004 as well as FSX.

Dornier 328T

Reg: N310Z

Version: FS2004 & FSX

Model Design By: Robert Versluys
Textures: TRosso  
Entered Service: Mid 1999 Passengers: 32
Wing Span: 68 ft 10 in Length: 69 ft 8 in
Engines: Two P&W PW119B turboprops driving six blade Hartzell propellers. Range: 900nm
Typical Cruise Speed @ FL250: 335 kts.

A Columbia, MO physician named William E. Stricker purchased the rights to the Ozark name in 1998 and attempted to revive this great airline. John Ellis was named CEO and promptly set about doing some market research. He bought a mailing list of key business executives in the Columbia area and polled them as to their air travel needs.

In the fall of 98, Ellis issued a press release announcing the intended re-opening of Ozark Air Lines with service to Dallas (KDFW) and Chicago Midway (KMDW). Intentions were to fly the Fairchild-Dornier 328JET for these routes, but to use the Turbo-Prop version in the interim. It is unclear whether any of the 328T's were actually used, but we will offer them for our virtual pilots nonetheless.

In February of 2000 The New Ozark Air Lines made the first flight to Chicago Midway and back to Columbia. The schedule would go on to include three daily round trips to KMDW. Two daily round trips through Joplin, MO (KJLN) to Dallas/Fort Worth Int'l. and back will be offered here as well as a daily flight to Chicago Midway with a stop in Des Moines, IA (KDSM)as this flight was introduced in 2001 as the only flight remaining to KMDW.

Sadly, in 2001, Ozark sold out to Great Plains Airlines, an upstart regional carrier out of Tulsa, OK. Shortly after that, Great Plains filed for bankruptcy to avoid foreclosure on many of its assets.

With mixed emotions Ozark Virtual Airlines emulates the New Ozark Air Lines flying both versions of the DO 328 out of Columbia, MO (KCOU) to Chicago Midway Airfield, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and Des Moines Int'l using the schedule below. We hope you derive much enjoyment from this as you help us to continue what might have been.

Fairchild Dornier 328JET

Reg: N430Z

Version: FS2004

Version: FSX

Model Design By: Mike Stone
Textures: TRosso  
Entered Service: February 2000 Passengers: 32
Wing Span: 68 ft 10 in Length: 69 ft 8 in
Engines: Two P&W Canada PW306B turbofans. Range: 740nm
Max. Cruise Speed @ FL350: 405 kts.
Flt. # Dep. Time Departs Via Arr. Time Arrives Equip. Frequency
1100 0710 KCOU -- 0830 KMDW DO328J M-Sat
1101 1115 KCOU -- 1235 KMDW DO328J M-Sat
1102 1510 KCOU -- 1630 KMDW DO328J M-Sat
1121 1035 KCOU KDSM 1255 KMDW DO328J M-Sat
1110 0910 KMDW -- 1030 KCOU DO328J M-Sat
1111 1310 KMDW -- 1430 KCOU DO328J M-Sat
1112 1710 KMDW -- 1830 KCOU DO328J M-Sat
1122 1340 KMDW KDSM 1600 KCOU DO328J M-Sat
1130 0944 KCOU -- 1135 KMDW DO328T Sun
1140 1242 KMDW -- 1413 KCOU DO328T Sun
1200 0723 KCOU KJLN 0937 KDFW DO328J M-Sat
1201 1310 KCOU KJLN 1525 KDFW DO328J M-Sat
1210 1015 KDFW KJLN 1232 KCOU DO328J M-Sat
1211 1608 KDFW KJLN 1825 KCOU DO328J M-Sat
1300 1015 KCOU KJLN 1306 KDFW DO328T Sun
1310 1346 KDFW KJLN 1635 KCOU DO328T Sun