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Ozark used Air Midwest in 1985-1986 to handle the shorter hops using the Fairchild Metro II turboprop flying with Ozark Midwest livery. The Metro has proven to be a safe, reliable, and efficient commuter aircraft. This is a pressurized aircraft that is capable of flying above bad weather. The Metro can trace its lineage back to the original Swearingen Merlin I executive transport. From the Merlin I Swearingen developed the turboprop powered II and III which were to form the basis of the new Metro commuter airliner. Just before the merger with TWA, Ozark added the Saab 340B for the Ozark Midwest route between St. Louis, and Peoria.


Metroliner Ozark Midwest

Reg: N751AM

Version: FS2004

Model Design By:
Textures: Mark Plumley
Entered Service: 1985 Passengers: 18
Wing Span: 46 ft 3 in Length: 59 ft 4 in
Engines: Garrett AiResearch TPE3313UW303G turboprops driving three blade constant speed propellers Range: 595nm
Typical Cruise Speed @ FL210: 293kt.



Ozark used Air Midwest in the 80's to take care of the little hops. Ozark Midwest flew in 1985-1986.

Saab 340B Ozark Midwest

Reg: N716GB

Version: FS2004

Model Design By: Mike Stone
Textures: Greg Bullias
Entered Service: 1986 Passengers: 34
Wing Span: 70 ft 4 in Length: 64 ft 9 in
Engines: Two General Electric 1305kW (1750shp) CT79B Turboprops driving four blade constant speed Dowty or Hamilton Standard props. Range: 935nm at long range cruising speed.
Typical Cruise Speed: 260 kts.