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Although it is common knowledge among aviation historians that Ozark Air Lines began operations in 1950 with the DC3, it is a lesser known fact that in 1932 a company called Ozark Airways conducted operations from Kansas City to Springfield, MO with Stinson aircraft. It ceased operations in 1933 as the Great Depression deepened. In 1943 in the midst of WWII, a second, unrelated, Ozark Airways began flying from Springfield, MO to places around the state such as St Louis, Kansas City, Columbia and others, flying the Beech D-17S Staggerwing, and the Cessna T-50 Crane. OVA brings back the Pioneer Days of Ozark with our FS fleet emulating the early days of Ozark Airways.
Stinson SR 9 Reliant

Reg: NC18453

Version: FS2004

Model Design By: Bill Lyons (Golden Age Simulations)
Textures: TRosso  
Entered Service: 1932 Passengers: 4
Wing Span: 41 ft 11 in Length: 27 ft 11 in
Engine: One 9 Cylinder, 290hp, Lycoming R-680-13 Radial Range: 690nm @ 75% Throttle
Typical Cruise Speed 115 kts @ 75% Throttle
Beechcraft D-17S Staggerwing

Reg: NC80315

Version: FS2004

Model Design By: Paul Clawson
Textures: TRosso  
Entered Service: ca. 1943 Passengers: 2 & 2 Crew
Wing Span: 32 ft Length: 26 ft 1 1/2 in
Engine: One 450hp P & W R-985 Wasp Junior Range: 500 miles
Max. Cruise Speed 198 mph @ Level Flight
Cessna T-50 Crane

Reg: NC20515

Version: FS2004

Model Design By: Alphasim
Textures: TRosso  
Entered Service: ca. 1943 Passengers: 3 & 2 Crew
Wing Span: 41 ft 11 in Length: 32 ft 9 in
Engines: 2 Jacobs R-755, 245 HP each Range: 750nm @ 125 KIAS/7500 ft.
Max. Cruise Speed @ 179 mph @ Sea Level
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NOTE: Stinson and Staggerwing flights are flown VFR. T-50 flights are VFR or IFR. Pioneer flights are also searchable in the database.