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standard of conduct

Standards Of Conduct

Please read these very carefully and make sure you understand each paragraph.  These terms were written to help you enjoy your time with this VA and to help you understand what is going on around you while performing your Virtual Flights.  I hope that your questions about what you can do and what you cannot do are answered here.  If not please email one of our Fine Director's listed on the Management Roster.

For ALL Members


  • All Members are to keep this hobby FUN at all times.  Remember this is a hobby, it is your Hobby!!

  • All Members of Ozark Virtual will act in a professional and courteous manner when flying online with VATSIM..  This also includes using any Voice channel you may be on, any email you may send or on Ozark's Message Board.  We will NOT tolerate any Foul Language at all or flaming another member of Ozark Virtual . We will give you only one warning if this situation should arise, after that you will be asked to resign from Ozark. 

  • All Members of Ozark Virtual while on SquawkBox, and any voice channel will not show any disrespectful attitudes or inappropriate comments.  Failure to comply with this will result in a 30 day suspension.

  • All Member's of Ozark Virtual will not display any disrespect to any other member whether they be an Director or a Pilot.  Failure to comply with this will result in 30 day suspension.

  • All Members of Ozark Virtual are encouraged to notify the CEO of any incidents between yourself and another member of Ozark.  While flying on VATSIM using SquawkBox if a problem should arise between yourself and another pilot (Ozark or another VA pilot) or with any Air Traffic Controller it is very advisable to get a screen capture of the incident and save it to email it with the details to the CEO.  Screen Captures are hard to beat.

  • All Members of Ozark Virtual are to report any incidents that may damage the integrity and professionalism of Ozark Virtual or any member of Ozark Virtual to the CEO.  If possible use Screen Capture.

  • All Members are encouraged to use the Ozark Message Board, Private Audio Channels to help other pilot's in need.  Also the Message Board will contain important VA announcements and other things pertaining to the VA.

  • All Members of Ozark Virtual are encouraged to email the CEO with any suggestion you may have concerning the VA's lively hood.  We will have a suggestions form eventually but for now please email the CEO.

  • All Members are to Submit at least 2 Pireps a month in order to stay active on the Roster List.  NO EXCEPTIONS

Ozark Pilot's

  • All new applicants who apply to Ozark Virtual Airlines will automatically be accepted into the VA.

  • All Pilot's within Ozark Virtual Airlines are allowed to fly in Special Events, Fly-Ins, etc.

  • Pilot's who fly online using SquawkBox must use their assigned Ozark Pilot ID number NOT your Routes Number.

  • Pilot's should NOT submit any PIREP for any other route that is not listed on the Routes Page.  If a Pilot does file a PiRep for a route not listed the PIREP will be deleted.  With the exception of Group Flights.

  • Pilot's must also only fly the Aircraft that is listed on the Fleet Page.  Any Pilot who should Fly any other Aircraft then what is listed, the PiRep will be deleted as well.

  • Pilot's must report any problem(s) to the proper Director with a full detailed report.

Ozark Director's

  •  Director's must notify the CEO of any problems that you have become aware of from any Pilot listing the details of the problem and what corrective actions have been taken or will be taken.

  • Director's must make contact with the CEO at least 2 times a week to keep the CEO abroad as to the happenings surrounding the VA.  Failure to comply with this will result in you being demoted.  I am a STICKLER on communication and Communication is what we NEED to run an organized VA.


Suspension Information


Any Member of Ozark Virtual will only be allowed 2 suspensions within a 12 month period.  If a member should incur more then 2 within 12 months you will be removed from our Roster Immediately.

NO EXCEPTIONS to this Rule!



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